Lucetta Kallis has published a wonderful new cookbook to help you lose weight, stay healthy and feel fantastic. 


  1. Quick start or shock your metabolism by giving you a new way of eating less than 1000 calories daily for fourteen days without ever feeling hungry.
  2. Teach you to how to outsmart your "fat instinct." This will be accomplished as you force your body, mind and soul to eat only the items listed in the Daily Intake (no exceptions).
  3. You will be eating an enormous amount of food whenever you wish at any given time of the day.
  4. Simplify and organize your tasks in the kitchen.
  5. Offer recipes that maximize the greatest number of vegetable combinations into one large Main Course meal, which you can eat in one sitting or space out into 5 or 6 meals throughout your day, along with other side dishes.
  6. Insists upon your drinking an increased amount of water.
  7. Demonstrate with diagrams an easy, balanced exercise program designed to cover major muscle groups for beginners or pros.
  8. Lists the remaining items you've not yet consumed at the end of each of the Main Course recipes. Recipe suggestions for these remaining items are also offered which will help you to complete your day’s "Daily Intake" regimen.
  9. Encourages you to forever change your style of eating. You've lost your 10 pounds.  Don't slip back into old eating habits. You can do it.  You've worked hard to achieve your goal.  Decide now to commit to a life-long change in your diet and physical activity.  With the help of a dietician, find a diet that you can adhere to for the rest of your life.   
  10. This diet is a success because YOU have proven to yourself you are disciplined, motivated and focused.