How To Lose Weight

The two questions I get asked most often are (1) why I wanted to create a diet and (2) how I picked the 21 Diet Items chosen for the weight loss. As a performing actress in TV, some of my spare time was also spent performing in children’s theater, taking on roles such as a child in “Peter Pan” or “Pinocchio.”  During one performance, while sitting on the proscenium crying my heart out, performing a part about a small boy in an orphanage, disliked by the other orphans, a voice from the front row whispered loudly “that’s no kid, that looks like an old person.”  Devasted by the insult, I found myself obsessed with the mirror. Should I really go through the rest of my life with a triple turkey neck and eyelids so heavily creased that the makeup gets lost in the folds? Did I really want to spend the rest of my days with a face filled with rivulets and tributaries? Do women really want to be called "a handsome woman" just because they have turned that certain age? Not I! In consulting a surgeon about my neck, he quite seriously said “First you must lose 10 pounds or there will be no surgery.” That’s when “DON’T DIE YET: DIET” was born. The office nurse said "Sure, you can lose five or six pounds in six weeks but you'll then need at least four additional weeks to stabilize the weight loss.” I said "I can do that". Stubbornly, I scheduled the surgery for six weeks moving forward.

With vanity as my incentive and knowing that vegetables are clearly the way to lose weight, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) provided the calorie count and nutritional values of hundreds of vegetables from which I picked 17 with the lowest calories. Fruit, carbs, eggs and chicken or fish broth were also added.

As everyone knows, there's only ONE way to lose weight naturally: consume fewer calories and exercise daily.

 I was determined to lose the weight, naturally and in a healthy way.

Planking for 45 seconds each day.