Dear Lucetta:

I did read your book and I'm enthusiastically impressed. So I jumped in hook, line and sinker. Trundled off to the store and came back with bushels of mustard greens, beets and other weeds. I must admit I didn’t use a blender, (although I have one). I also didn't measure things exactly but, low and behold, I did lose 8 lbs., from 200 to 192 in a period of about (10) days. I noticed a significant amount diuresis after about the 4th or 5th day. I indeed, was eating a lot of food, and never was bothered by any hunger pangs.

Admittedly, I did cheat a little bit regarding a cocktail before dinner. In any event, it was fun and painless. I have taken a notch in my belt; my clothes are fitting loosely, and I look for continued improvement. I also started exercising.  Although I'm not as conscientious as I should be about this but, I am walking up the stairs rather than taking the elevator and a few things of that nature.

I've become very conscious of the fat content of things I buy at the supermarket.

I think your references and quotes from other authorities are appropriate and well chosen. In my knowledge of nutrition, I find nothing wrong with this diet. It seems to me that most anybody should be able to handle it. Obviously, if people have serious nutritional or other medical illnesses (hypertension, diabetes, etc.) they should be advised to consult their own physician before starting.

In summary, I wholeheartedly support your efforts. I find your presentation very entertaining and informative, and I guess that that's the whole idea. Obviously, we are a nation and a society of people obsessed with our health and weight problems. I think you have a winner!





“The author, Lucetta Kallis, is uniquely qualified to write a book such as this having prepared meals for five daughters through their infancy to adulthood. Additionally, she has studied the writing of Dr. Dean Ornish, probably the most knowledgeable and well-respected writer on the subject of food metabolism and diet today. Her recommendations for dieting have several unique features.

First, preparing and following a restricted diet is not the most enjoyable endeavor, especially in our society where so much emphasis is placed on eating and drinking. In Mrs. Kallis' diet., which is restricted to two-week segments, the dieters can see for themselves how effective restricting calorie intake can be with a minimum of suffering. This is a tremendous advantage to the dieter.

Secondly, the foods recommended are palatable, nutritious and supply all the ingredients necessary for a well-balanced, low calorie food supply.

I can endorse this book enthusiastically.”

James Christiansen M.D. 



“Dear Mrs. Kallis,

I was recently confronted by my doctor with the challenge to lose thirty pounds. I had

developed a herniated abdomen which required surgery and it is his medical opinion that I needed to lose the above-mentioned weight.

Shortly after this conversation, I encountered your diet. I was very surprised that unlike

other diets, I felt no hunger in your suggested menus. I was especially pleased at how

much I enjoyed a totally vegetarian experience. The dishes were tasty and the portions

ontained far more than I could eat at any one sitting.

I was able to follow the diet for two weeks without missing breads and other chewy foods. I must confess that when I get close to my desired weight, I will add some of the above items back into my diet.

Thank you for your great effort in researching and preparing this extraordinarily healthy

and successful diet.”


Albert James



“Lucetta Kallis has assembled a truly remarkable compilation of information on an acceptable technique for weight loss without pain, hunger or frustration. The substance of the book is excellent; The instructions are specific and the precautionary advice to take a multi-vitamin is appropriate. The menus are nutritious and delicious and, most importantly, one can eat as much and as often as one wants. She has tested the program on friends, her husband and herself with uniform success.

This book should be read and it's program followed by all who consider successful weight to be beyond their capabilities.”

Albert J. Josselson, M.D.

Associate Professor Medicine, Loma Linda University (Retired)



“The essential element in Lucetta's book then is that though dieting takes sacrifice, good eating needs time. Preparation. And care, and that quality will again make any such compromise in good eating negligible.

Medically, I can find nothing in Lucetta's approach to dieting that does anything but be of value to almost all my patients. The suggestions herein are sensible recommendations, nutritionally, ones that she has developed to be of service to her husband, family, and friends. The meals created revolve around tested ideas culled from expert medical and nutritional sources with impeccable credentials.

I think a person can lose 10 lbs in two weeks. While still utilizing sensible health principles, and Lucetta, you've done it. In fact, your diet can serve as the center-piece of any modem American families' diet for a lifetime.

I congratulate you and consider you as a positive force in the ranks of those who work daily to prevent early disease and disability by preparing tables with low calorie, low-fat, well-rounded, nutritionally sound, attractive, good eating.

Best of luck with your book”

Milt Kogan, M.D., M.P.H. Epidemiology



“Dear Ms. Kallis,

“Quick weight loss schemes all depend on a degree of carbohydrate deprivation to deplete glycogen reserves and with it 5-10 pounds of water associated with its storage.  That said…Your emphasis on veggies, water, exercise, protein, vitamin supplements is what is important. The recipes look interesting. Folks need to learn to get WAY AWAY from the high fat pork/beef and potatoes routine. A 4 oz portion of red meat twice per week is maximum.”




“Dear Lucetta:

Thank you for asking me to review your new book. It was a delightful experience and I learned so many new and helpful "tricks" for use now and in the future.

I have read many books on losing weight and truly feel this is one of the best ones available to readers. I know it will be hugely successful!


Nancy Parry M.D. , FAAFP